Trusted Novus Bank – We want to be the homeowners’ bank in Gibraltar

01 Aug 2021

A central point of Trusted Novus Bank (TN Bank) strategy since we became TN Bank nearly one year ago, is to become the homeowners’ bank in Gibraltar.

Buying your home?

In TN Bank we offer a competitive, personalised product, which can be tailored to suit our clients’ personal needs. No one-size-fits-all when taking a mortgage with us! We have a range of mortgage products to suit our clients’ individual needs. We look into our clients’ circumstances and together with our clients we identify the best product for them. You will not find our rates on our website, but we guarantee you that we have competitive prices.

We don’t just help people buying their first home or a new home. If you already have a mortgage but are not convinced you have the best package, we invite you to come and speak to us, to see if we can give you a better offer.

Perhaps lockdown made you realise that you want more space? Another reason to contact us to see if we can help you.

Buying the other half of your 50/50 home?

Are you missing out on not owning 100% of your property? If for example you live in Beach View Terraces, Mons Calpe Mews or other co-ownership properties and are considering purchasing the remaining amount of your home, then give us a call to discuss your options.

But don’t delay, act now, as it will cost you more every year that goes by!

Home Improvements

Has lockdown left you realising that it’s time for a new kitchen or bathroom? Why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities of increasing your mortgage, or releasing some equity from your property so that you can make your desired changes to improve your home? Please note that this is subject to affordability.

Buy-to-Let mortgages for residential properties

Gibraltar has experienced prolonged growth and stability in the residential property market. Rental demand in Gibraltar has increased making it an attractive place for investors, both local and international, to purchase property for rental.

This type of mortgage is only available on residential properties where the main purpose of the property is to rent it out and generate rental income. Our mortgage planners will be happy to chat with you about possible opportunities.

Here in TN Bank we take all mortgage and lending requests seriously and if you wish, we can arrange a meeting with one of our Mortgage Planners within a few days. If you prefer talking to us over the phone or make enquiries by email, we can accommodate that too. No matter what, we will make it clear to you, as our client, what the mortgage journey entails and how much the mortgage will cost you.


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