Gibraltar Buyers Mini Guide

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and headland situated in Southern Europe. It’s dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m-high limestone ridge.

Gibraltar is the latest focus of international buyers and is especially popular amongst UK investors looking for a slice of British life in the sunshine. Expect an attractive fiscal regime, regular direct flights to make for easy access from the UK, 300 days of sunshine a year and a secure and friendly environment.

Gibraltar Facts

1. Climate – Winter sun and warm seas

Temperatures are around 10 degrees higher than the UK year round. This means very little use for winter coats and jumpers. Summers are consistently hot, dry and cloudless for 5 months.

2. Outdoor lifestyle

The temperature makes it commonplace to eat and socialise outside. Lunching in mid-winter in the sunshine offers the starkest comparison to the short UK January days. 

3. Apartment living

At just under 7km 2 in total area, land is at a premium in Gibraltar due to the limited space available. Due to this the first thing to bear in mind it that housing can be very different to what you have in the UK. Expect to have smaller rooms and less outdoor space unless you are comparing to large city accommodation.

4. English-speaking community 

The main language for business, daily conversation and schooling is English. Due to the close links to Spain through family and travel Spanish is also widely spoken. The Gibraltarians have their own dialect which is called Llanito.

5. The law is based on English laws

Knowing how you stand with culture and behaviour in a foreign land is key. Having familiar laws with no surprises is very comforting. Gibraltar is very multi-cultural and its community is cosmopolitan and very welcoming to all. 

6. Secure, low crime area

It is important to feel safe. In Gibraltar this includes walking around at night without any fears. Children especially are able to have the ‘old fashioned’ kind of freedoms as the community looks after the children and everything is close at hand. The community is also protected by the border checks

7. UK standard educational system

Gibraltar’s state-run schools follow the UK education system. It’s schools have been renovated as part of a national capital investment project. As well as public schools, Gibraltar also has private institutions and a UK-aligned University. 

8. Familiar buying process

Property purchase process similar to the UK which means you are able to purchase your own property. The conveyancing process is similar and familiar.

Great access to Europe and Africa

Walk, drive or cycle or sail it is all on your doorstep 

9. Property search

There is currently little availability of property in Gibraltar and it is competitive to purchase new properties, timing is key. With over 30 estate agents in Gibraltar, why not just use one who can find the best property across the market for you rather them contacting them all yourself, by utilising us we can do this for you and also source pre advertised properties for you giving you a buyers advantage.

10. New developments

We will be in receipt of some exciting up and coming developments in the near future. Be first to get the details by registering your interest in this type of property

11. At a glance: Why invest in Gibraltar?

  • Open Market Purchases- Investment in Gibraltar Property is open to anyone worldwide

  • Favourable Corporate Tax rates, No Capital Gains Tax, No Inheritance tax, No Wealth Tax, No Gift Tax, No VAT

  • Impressive price growth history

  • Quality Investment environment- Invest in sterling, well regulated, with a stable government 

  • Highly regulated environment- This is a key point to ensure that business is conducted in a manner which ensure your safety and security of your funds, with fair right to recourse

  • As a real estate investor in Gibraltar, you will have total control over the size, nature, and timing of investments.